Ours is a family owned company with its roots in Nigeria which specialises in the production of blocks, concrete blocks paver stone and cement supplies for the building materials industry. Under the Moscow block and concrete industry ltd trade mark, production facilities in Nigeria are supported by our sales companies all over the country.

At MOSCOW BLOCK AND CONCRETE INDUSTRY LTD, we believe that our strengths are:

  • Ability to execute large and complex projects on turn key basis in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • operations in diverse and complimentary projects.
  • Dedicated, transparent and customers' friendly approach.


  • To create value added products and services that help customers to achieve higher efficiences.
  • To bring the latest available technology in a way to suit the present market environment and
  • with ideal cost viability parameters.
  • To align employees personal growth with company growth by required training and development.
  • To be engaged in collaborative working with customers and suppliers and thereby increase